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Kindy Chairs

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3 Blue & White Kindy Chair
Royal blue base, mid blue arms and sky blue and white slats.
3 Pinks & White Kindy Chair
Hot pink base, mid pink arms and pastel pink and white slats.
Blue Kindy Chair
Sky blue base, red arms and green, yellow and white slats.
Rainbow Kindy Chair
Slats in rainbow colours with white, blue or pine frame
Purple, Pink & Green Kindy Chair
Purple base, bright pink arms and purple with bright pink and lime slats.
Pastel Pink Kindy Chair
Pastel pink base and arms with pastel green, yellow and white slats.
Pine and Painted Kindy Chair
Satin finish slats with coloured chair frame.
Purple Kindy Chair
Purple base with pink arms and pastel pink, mauve and white slats.

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